15. April 2011 - 00:43

Hi folks!

the new beta4 now also supports reloaded.menelgame.pl. So you can get started in Poland. Have fun!

The download link:

Web Version

Desktop Version

04. March 2011 - 17:15


our server provider has some routing problems. The server runs in backup mode. So everything you write now will be gone when the backup mode crashes (possible!). So save important post if you don't want to write them again. He hope that the problems will be solved soon. Have a good weekend!

27. February 2011 - 01:52

Hi folks!

Our server provider had problems. So we had to do a complete server setup. Unfortunately we missed doing backups. Thats why we're coming back with a very old version of the page. The forum misses a lot of posts too. We're sorry! :-(

We try to get the downloads back online and setup the page this evening.

Your Makielski Team

Felix & Simon