31. May 2011 - 20:33

Hey folks!

We wrote a new bot. The bot is very new and half-baked. The advantage is that it's written in C++. So it should not be a problem to host 100 accounts on one virtual server.


Here you can create a new bot or login to an existing account. Both time you have the same procedure. You don't have to enter a new proxy when you login to an existing account. If the login does not work this can have the following reasons:

  • Bad proxy
  • There is a typo in your input
  • The server has problems (If you can eliminate the first two reasons it would be helpful if you would inform us about problems. Please use the forums.)

Input fields

  • Username: the name of your bum for the login
  • Password: your password
  • Proxy: Optional but advisable - since you won't be able to change the proxy after the first login, you should choose a very good proxy. If your proxy goes down you'll have to recreate your bot.

Bot Control

When everything worked with the login you should see the bot control interface. Here you can access the different functions of the bot.


The bot will start collecting bottles when you press the start button in the collect row.


The start / stop works the same way like the collect button. Use the "Use alcohol" checkbox to enable or disable the alcohol usage. Watch out! The bot is very fast. So you won't be able to see the increased alcohl level. Add studies to the queue by typing them to the next input and pressing enter. The bot will start the first study again when he has finished the last one. This way you don't have large queues like with the JAVA bot. You can use the following studies: "att", "def", "agi", "sprechen", "bildungsstufe", "musik", "sozkontakte", "konzentration", "pickpocket".


Here you can see what the bot is currently doing and check whether it's working or not. The log will be updated every ten seconds.

Logout and Delete

You can logout by pressing the logout button. Then you are able to login again (also with a new account). When you press the delete button the bot and all data will be deleted from the server. You can recreate the account after deletion.

Have fun with the bot!